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Here is authentic video about an ABORTION - "This is ABORTION" !
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The reasons and arguments against abortion: The Abortion is murder of the unborn child!

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The tragedy does not solve the tragedy.


The circumstances of pregnancy can sometimes be tragic. Perhaps the woman was raped. Perhaps the child has a serious genetic disease. Maybe it endangered the health of women. But the evil of abortion recovers these tragedies. Nezmažeme rape by removing the child. Cure a sick child by him provisionally we kill. The woman recovers from all of your health problems by erasing another human being.

Women who have been raped, need compassionate care. But the compassionate care does not include the execution of her child. Parents who are facing difficult prenatal diagnosis, need to be informed in detail about the real facts about the disease and directed to experts who have experience with it. Must not be pushed quickly can opt for an abortion without considering the possibility that the child can have a chance in spite of everything. There are many cases where the diagnosis has changed and repeated born completely healthy child. Women at risk in pregnancy should be supervised by professionals, but the treatment does not involve killing another human being (if the child dies during treatment, for example after chemotherapy or for removing ectopic pregnancy - is not about abortion).


It takes an innocent life.


Science could not be clearer. Unborn children are living, separate and unique creatures. From the moment of fertilization / conception - begins the existence of human life. Termination of life is not the end of "potential life." It is the termination of life. Modern science now knows clearly show the humanity of the unborn child - we can read scientific reports, see photos and videos. It is not a matter of "faith" as we seek to seduce supporters of abortion and thereby cancel any discussion.


The Abortion violates human rights.


Civil law is violated when people are deprived of basic rights in a discriminatory manner. The Abortion is the termination of life of the unborn child. Thus, the abortion is murder. Unborn children were deprived of life - the most basic human right of all human rights - only on their site (they are in the womb of mother) and based on the level of development (as they are still small). It is discriminatory, inhumane and cruel.


The Abortion punishes the innocent.


Rape? We are talking about the right to abortion - we are talking about the right to kill a person. It does not justify the killing of innocent life. The Abortion is an act of absolute barbarism. The Abortion punishes innocent children for the crimes of another. The child does not deserve to die for the crimes of his father. The five-year child can not be killed because his father is a criminal. Five-month unborn child should be killed for the same reason. Unborn child is completely innocent. Unborn child is always innocent and therefore it should never be punished. Unborn child does not deserve to die.


The Abortion hurts women.


Real stories clearly show again and again that abortion hurts women. Injuries come in different forms - mental, emotional, relational and physical. Women even today are dying just when legal abortion. Loss of fertility or increased incidence of spontaneous abortion after abortion is just a grain of sand in the problems associated with the abortion. A huge amount of real stories, which are nowadays easily verifiable, proves that not only children but also women are the real victims of this act. Dr. David Reardon, in his book "The victims and winners' states that rape victims who have undergone an abortion often commit suicide or fall into drug addiction.


The Abortion destroys relationships and family ties.


Each time a family member dies, the whole family is affected. It is the same with abortion. A real, live, irreplaceable child was killed and the parents and siblings are thereby damaged. Women who want the Abortion to keep a man, often the relationship ended soon after the Abortion still the same. And with remorse. Women who suffer from post-abortive syndrome, their problems also affect the whole of your surroundings.


The Abortion: It never ends ...


However, the woman will try to forget, I will not blot what the abortion did. The Abortion kills an innocent human life. Time does not erase the killing of the unborn child or not facilitate the perception of this reality. The Abortion is a cruel tragedy and a choice that should never be selected. For this option it remains forever.


The Abortion creates new problems.


Many people naively believe that abortion will solve a problem. It may seem that at the moment the problem was cleared. Perhaps the girl can further study, perhaps the parents or will not see that she was pregnant, it may be withheld affair ... But in reality abortion only temporarily hide the problems, not solve them. Just because it's legal does not mean it's okay. And the fact that abortion is often done in secret does not mean that a woman will not remain forever.

The Abortion suppresses responsibility.


The Abortion is sometimes used to quickly cover solution or relationship that broke down. But when two adults make decisions and participate in the activity, which is known to be in her child's life begins, these adults must also take responsibility for their actions. Contraception is not the solution. Contraception may fail. Even the best plans can fail. But avoid liability should not stand another human being her life. Child can not for the fact that his parents are irresponsible. The child does not deserve to die, so that his parents are irresponsible. Responsible people sometimes have to make difficult decisions. Maybe bad timing, can be difficult circumstances. But that does not justify the killing of innocent life. Choose your child manners is responsible. Choose adoption is responsible. But to choose the abortion and to destroy a child's life that no longer exists, no matter how small, is irresponsible and irrevocable break.

The Abortion does not exempt a woman. The Abortion suppresses responsibility.


Curiously, although the original feminists were pro-life, today 'feminists' claim that abortion is liberating and it is their "right". There is a woman's right to kill her child. It is not the exclusive right of a woman to go to the doctor and let him executed her child. It is liberating to let your child tear limb for limb and let him suck the uterus. This is not a choice or freedom. This is a tragedy for all concerned, and therefore it should not be in to any civilized country. Women do not receive freedom bloodshed of their children. 

This is the abortion industry !

The Abortion industry makes money from the killing of unborn children !

Both pictures: The Abortion in the tenth week of pregnancy

Man is the victim of global genocide !

That first picture from left: Supporters of the legal Abortion - the Abortions today say that the unwanted unborn child reportedly said it should be kill abortion !

That photograph first right: And then, you will say tomorrow respect the lives of unwanted retirement ?

The leader of the Greater German Third Reich 1933 - 1945 Adolf Hitler is "father" inventor of The Euthanasia!!

Adolf Hitler pioneered the killing of the sick, elderly and demented people euthanasia.

And today Adolf Hitler is from all extremist neo-Marxist leftists and liberals enthusiastically follow !

Liberal Dr. Jack Kevorkian said:

That photograph first left: "Do children destroy their careers!"

That photograph first right: "Do not you have to pay the price with their parents for financial revenue !"

Liberal Dr. Jack Kevorkian said:

That photograph first left: "Do not let kids ruin your career !"

That photograph first right: "Do not destroy your life parents economical standard !"

The Legal abortion - The Abortion is the lesser evil ?

That photograph first left:The Abortion in the 22-week pregnancy

That photograph first right: The Abortion in the eleventh week of pregnancy

Violence towards defenseless!

All three photos: The Abortion in the tenth week of pregnancy

The Abortion, whether legal or illegal - the effect is always the same !

The photograph: The Abortion in the eighth week of pregnancy

Margaret Sanger said: "Birth control must inevitably lead to a cleaner race."

Logical question: The Nazi ?

Answer: No, American feminist and the first promoter of the idea of the legal abortion !

Bolsheviks - the Communists as the first in the world in 1920, Russia enacted a legal abortion !

The leaders of the October Bolshevik - Communist revolution of 1917 in Russia Comrade Vladimir Iljič Lenin and Lev Davidovič Trockij comrade the "fathers" the legal abortion !

In 1920, at their command the Soviet Union as the first country in the world legalize the abortion introduced, and the entire period of pregnancy.

The Bolsheviks - the Communists have moved from the legal abortions to legally artificially induced famine in Ukraine.

That photograph first left: The Abortion at 24 weeks' gestation.

That photograph first right: Famine in Ukraine

The leader of the Greater German Third Reich 1933 - 1945 Adolf Hitler is "father" of the legal Abortion Central Europe !

Adolf Hiler as the first in Central Europe on March 9, 1943 legalized the Abortion - provided the right to free choice of the legal Abortion all called. "inferior Non-Aryan" to women Jewish, Roma - Gypsies and Slavic ethnicity.

Work Tools Dr. Mengele:

That photograph first left: Working the Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

That photograph first right: Work tools Dr. Mengele in Argentina after World War II

Working aids Dr. Mengele:

That photograph first left: working tools by Dr. Mengele in Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

That photograph first right: Working aids Dr. Mengele in Argentina after World War II

The Abortion is incredibly painful tearing the body of a child without a shred of a piece without any anesthesia pain-unborn child!

The Abortion is too terrible to show. Suitable show?

On the one hand we want to treat animals humanely, on the other, but human beings treat brutally !

That photograph first left: On the one hand we want to protect whales!

The first image to the right: On the other hand, we want to kill unborn children ?

That photograph first left: The Abortionists kill unborn children today only for just the slightest suspicion that he might eventually maybe they could have Down syndrome !

That photograph first right: Scared little girl with Down syndrome called "Save us !"

I Polish law allows for the legal Abortion of unborn children for reasons of rape!

That photograph first left: The actual rapist gets prison sentence.

That photograph first right: Conceived unborn baby gets the death penalty !

The death penalty:

That photograph first left: Illegal for criminals !

That photograph first right: Legal for the innocent !

In the case of rape:

That photograph first left: Muslims killing women !

The first image right: Feminists want to kill unborn children !!

Violence affects women of all ages - Most women are murdered before birth !

All women must have the right to live !

That photograph first left: A fanatical feminist deranged fanaticism demagogical shouting: This is my body !!

The first image right: A counter Response: And this is Whose body ??

Mother Theresa of Calcutta said:

"I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is The Abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing, direct murder by the mother herself… Many people are very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa where quite a number die, maybe of malnutrition, of hunger and so on, but millions are dying deliberately by the will of the mother. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today. Because if a mother can kill her own child what is left but for me to kill you and you to kill me. There is nothing in between.”

“That special power of loving that belongs to a woman is seen most clearly when she becomes a mother. Motherhood is the gift of God to women. How grateful we must be to God for this wonderful gift that brings such joy to the whole world, women and men alike! Yet we can destroy this gift of motherhood, especially by the evil of The Abortion, but also be thinking that other things like jobs or positions are more important than loving, than giving oneself to others. No job, no plans, no possessions, no idea of ‘freedom’ can take the place of love. So anything that destroys God’s gift of motherhood destroys His most precious gift to women — the ability to love as a woman.”

“But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is the Abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?

“Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. Please give me the child. I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child and be loved by the child.” “Jesus said, ‘Anyone who receives a child in my name, receives me.’ By adopting a child, these couples receive Jesus but, by aborting a child, a couple refuses to receive Jesus.”

“We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other.”

“By Abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And, by Abortion, that father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. The father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So The Abortion just leads to more Abortion. Any country that accepts The Abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is the Abortion.”

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

“The child is God’s gift to the family. Each child is created in the special image and likeness of God for greater things – to love and be loved.”

“Life is the most beautiful gift of God.”

“Many people are very, very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about all the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions who are being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today — The Abortion which brings people to such blindness.”

“As soon as he came in her life - immediately she went in haste to give that good news, and as she came into the house of her cousin, the child - the unborn child - the child in the womb of Elizabeth, leapt with joy. He was that little unborn child, was the first messenger of peace. He recognised the Prince of Peace, he recognised that Christ has come to bring the good news for you and for me. And as if that was not enough - it was not enough to become a man - he died on the cross to show that greater love, and he died for you and for me and for that leper and for that man dying of hunger and that naked person lying in the street not only of Calcutta, but of Africa, and New York, and London, and Oslo - and insisted that we love one another as he loves each one of us. And we read that in the Gospel very clearly - love as I have loved you - as I love you - as the Father has loved me, I love you - and the harder the Father loved him, he gave him to us, and how much we love one another, we, too, must give each other until it hurts. It is not enough for us to say: I love God, but I do not love my neighbour. St. John says you are a liar if you say you love God and you don't love your neighbour. How can you love God whom you do not see, if you do not love your neighbour whom you see, whom you touch, with whom you live. And so this is very important for us to realise that love, to be true, has to hurt. It hurt Jesus to love us, it hurt him. And to make sure we remember his great love he made himself the bread of life to satisfy our hunger for his love. Our hunger for God, because we have been created for that love. We have been created in his image. We have been created to love and be loved, and then he has become man to make it possible for us to love as he loved us. He makes himself the hungry one - the naked one - the homeless one - the sick one - the one in prison - the lonely one - the unwanted one - and he says: You did it to me. Hungry for our love, and this is the hunger of our poor people. This is the hunger that you and I must find, it may be in our own home.”

“I never forget an opportunity I had in visiting a home where they had all these old parents of sons and daughters who had just put them in an institution and forgotten maybe. And I went there, and I saw in that home they had everything, beautiful things, but everybody was looking towards the door. And I did not see a single one with their smile on their face. And I turned to the Sister and I asked: How is that? How is it that the people they have everything here, why are they all looking towards the door, why are they not smiling? I am so used to see the smile on our people, even the dying one smile, and she said: This is nearly every day, they are expecting, they are hoping that a son or daughter will come to visit them. They are hurt because they are forgotten, and see - this is where love comes. That poverty comes right there in our own home, even neglect to love. Maybe in our own family we have somebody who is feeling lonely, who is feeling sick, who is feeling worried, and these are difficult days for everybody. Are we there, are we there to receive them, is the mother there to receive the child?”

“I was surprised in the West to see so many young boys and girls given into drugs, and I tried to find out why - why is it like that, and the answer was: Because there is no one in the family to receive them. Father and mother are so busy they have no time. Young parents are in some institution and the child takes back to the street and gets involved in something. We are talking of peace. These are things that break peace, but I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is Abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing - direct murder by the mother herself. And we read in the Scripture, for God says very clearly: Even if a mother could forget her child - I will not forget you - I have carved you in the palm of my hand. We are carved in the palm of His hand, so close to Him that unborn child has been carved in the hand of God. And that is what strikes me most, the beginning of that sentence, that even if a mother could forget something impossible - but even if she could forget - I will not forget you. And today the greatest means - the greatest destroyer of peace is Abortion. And we who are standing here - our parents wanted us. We would not be here if our parents would do that to us. Our children, we want them, we love them, but what of the millions. Many people are very, very concerned with the children in India, with the children in Africa where quite a number die, maybe of malnutrition, of hunger and so on, but millions are dying deliberately by the will of the mother. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today. Because if a mother can kill her own child - what is left for me to kill you and you kill me - there is nothing between. And this I appeal in India, I appeal everywhere: Let us bring the child back, and this year being the child's year: What have we done for the child? At the beginning of the year I told, I spoke everywhere and I said: Let us make this year that we make every single child born, and unborn, wanted. And today is the end of the year, have we really made the children wanted? I will give you something terrifying. We are fighting Abortion by adoption, we have saved thousands of lives, we have sent words to all the clinics, to the hospitals, police stations - please don't destroy the child, we will take the child. So every hour of the day and night it is always somebody, we have quite a number of unwedded mothers - tell them come, we will take care of you, we will take the child from you, and we will get a home for the child. And we have a tremendous demand from families who have no children, that is the blessing of God for us. And also, we are doing another thing which is very beautiful - we are teaching our beggars, our leprosy patients, our slum dwellers, our people of the street, natural family planning.”

“And in Calcutta alone in six years - it is all in Calcutta - we have had 61,273 babies less from the families who would have had, but because they practise this natural way of abstaining, of self-control, out of love for each other. We teach them the temperature meter which is very beautiful, very simple, and our poor people understand. And you know what they have told me? Our family is healthy, our family is united, and we can have a baby whenever we want. So clear - those people in the street, those beggars - and I think that if our people can do like that how much more you and all the others who can know the ways and means without destroying the life that God has created in us.”

“The poor people are very great people. They can teach us so many beautiful things. The other day one of them came to thank and said: You people who have vowed chastity you are the best people to teach us family planning. Because it is nothing more than self-control out of love for each other. And I think they said a beautiful sentence. And these are people who maybe have nothing to eat, maybe they have not a home where to live, but they are great people. The poor are very wonderful people. One evening we went out and we picked up four people from the street. And one of them was in a most terrible condition - and I told the Sisters: You take care of the other three, I take of this one that looked worse. So I did for her all that my love can do. I put her in bed, and there was such a beautiful smile on her face. She took hold of my hand, as she said one word only: Thank you - and she died.”

“I could not help but examine my conscience before her, and I asked what would I say if I was in her place. And my answer was very simple. I would have tried to draw a little attention to myself, I would have said I am hungry, that I am dying, I am cold, I am in pain, or something, but she gave me much more - she gave me her grateful love. And she died with a smile on her face. As that man whom we picked up from the drain, half eaten with worms, and we brought him to the home. I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, loved and cared for. And it was so wonderful to see the greatness of that man who could speak like that, who could die like that without blaming anybody, without cursing anybody, without comparing anything. Like an angel - this is the greatness of our people. And that is why we believe what Jesus had said: I was hungry - I was naked - I was homeless - I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for - and you did it to me.”

“I believe that we are not real social workers. We may be doing social work in the eyes of the people, but we are really contemplatives in the heart of the world. For we are touching the Body of Christ 24 hours. We have 24 hours in this presence, and so you and I. You too try to bring that presence of God in your family, for the family that prays together stays together. And I think that we in our family don't need bombs and guns, to destroy to bring peace - just get together, love one another, bring that peace, that joy, that strength of presence of each other in the home. And we will be able to overcome all the evil that is in the world.”

“There is so much suffering, so much hatred, so much misery, and we with our prayer, with our sacrifice are beginning at home. Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the action that we do. It is to God Almighty - how much we do it does not matter, because He is infinite, but how much love we put in that action. How much we do to Him in the person that we are serving.”

“Some time ago in Calcutta we had great difficulty in getting sugar, and I don't know how the word got around to the children, and a little boy of four years old, Hindu boy, went home and told his parents: I will not eat sugar for three days, I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa for her children. After three days his father and mother brought him to our home. I had never met them before, and this little one could scarcely pronounce my name, but he knew exactly what he had come to do. He knew that he wanted to share his love.”

“And this is why I have received such a lot of love from you all. From the time that I have come here I have simply been surrounded with love, and with real, real understanding love. It could feel as if everyone in India, everyone in Africa is somebody very special to you. And I felt quite at home I was telling Sister today. I feel in the Convent with the Sisters as if I am in Calcutta with my own Sisters. So completely at home here, right here.”

“And so here I am talking with you - I want you to find the poor here, right in your own home first. And begin love there. Be that good news to your own people. And find out about your next-door neighbour - do you know who they are? I had the most extraordinary experience with a Hindu family who had eight children. A gentleman came to our house and said: Mother Teresa, there is a family with eight children, they had not eaten for so long - do something. So I took some rice and I went there immediately. And I saw the children - their eyes shinning with hunger - I don't know if you have ever seen hunger. But I have seen it very often. And she took the rice, she divided the rice, and she went out. When she came back I asked her - where did you go, what did you do? And she gave me a very simple answer: They are hungry also. What struck me most was that she knew - and who are they, a Muslim family - and she knew. I didn't bring more rice that evening because I wanted them to enjoy the joy of sharing. But there were those children, radiating joy, sharing the joy with their mother because she had the love to give. And you see this is where love begins - at home. And I want you - and I am very grateful for what I have received. It has been a tremendous experience and I go back to India - I will be back by next week, the 15th I hope - and I will be able to bring your love.”

“And I know well that you have not given from your abundance, but you have given until it has hurt you. Today the little children they have - I was so surprised - there is so much joy for the children that are hungry. That the children like themselves will need love and care and tenderness, like they get so much from their parents. So let us thank God that we have had this opportunity to come to know each other, and this knowledge of each other has brought us very close. And we will be able to help not only the children of India and Africa, but will be able to help the children of the whole world, because as you know our Sisters are all over the world. And with this prize that I have received as a prize of peace, I am going to try to make the home for many people that have no home. Because I believe that love begins at home, and if we can create a home for the poor - I think that more and more love will spread. And we will be able through this understanding love to bring peace, be the good news to the poor. The poor in our own family first, in our country and in the world.”

“To be able to do this, our Sisters, our lives have to be woven with prayer. They have to be woven with Christ to be able to understand, to be able to share. Because today there is so much suffering - and I feel that the passion of Christ is being relived all over again - are we there to share that passion, to share that suffering of people. Around the world, not only in the poor countries, but I found the poverty of the West so much more difficult to remove. When I pick up a person from the street, hungry, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread, I have satisfied. I have removed that hunger. But a person that is shut out, that feels unwanted, unloved, terrified, the person that has been thrown out from society - that poverty is so hurtable and so much, and I find that very difficult. Our Sisters are working amongst that kind of people in the West. So you must pray for us that we may be able to be that good news, but we cannot do that without you, you have to do that here in your country. You must come to know the poor, maybe our people here have material things, everything, but I think that if we all look into our own homes, how difficult we find it sometimes to smile at each, other, and that the smile is the beginning of love.”

“And so let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love, and once we begin to love each other naturally we want to do something. So you pray for our Sisters and for me and for our Brothers, and for our Co-Workers that are around the world. That we may remain faithful to the gift of God, to love Him and serve Him in the poor together with you. What we have done we should not have been able to do if you did not share with your prayers, with your gifts, this continual giving. But I don't want you to give me from your abundance, I want that you give me until it hurts.”

“The other day I received 15 dollars from a man who has been on his back for twenty years, and the only part that he can move is his right hand. And the only companion that he enjoys is smoking. And he said to me: I do not smoke for one week, and I send you this money. It must have been a terrible sacrifice for him, but see how beautiful, how he shared, and with that money I bought bread and I gave to those who are hungry with a joy on both sides, he was giving and the poor were receiving. This is something that you and I - it is a gift of God to us to be able to share our love with others. And let it be as it was for Jesus. Let us love one another as he loved us. Let us love Him with undivided love. And the joy of loving Him and each other - let us give now - that Christmas is coming so close. Let us keep that joy of loving Jesus in our hearts. And share that joy with all that we come in touch with. And that radiating joy is real, for we have no reason not to be happy because we have no Christ with us. Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor that we meet, Christ in the smile that we give and the smile that we receive. Let us make that one point: That no child will be unwanted, and also that we meet each other always with a smile, especially when it is difficult to smile.”

“I never forget some time ago about fourteen professors came from the United States from different universities. And they came to Calcutta to our house. Then we were talking about that they had been to the home for the dying. We have a home for the dying in Calcutta, where we have picked up more than 36,000 people only from the streets of Calcutta, and out of that big number more than 18,000 have died a beautiful death. They have just gone home to God; and they came to our house and we talked of love, of compassion, and then one of them asked me: Say, Mother, please tell us something that we will remember, and I said to them: Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family. Smile at each other. And then another one asked me: Are you married, and I said: Yes, and I find it sometimes very difficult to smile at Jesus because he can be very demanding sometimes. This is really something true, and there is where love comes - when it is demanding, and yet we can give it to Him with joy. Just as I have said today, I have said that if I don't go to Heaven for anything else I will be going to Heaven for all the publicity because it has purified me and sacrificed me and made me really ready to go to Heaven. I think that this is something, that we must live life beautifully, we have Jesus with us and He loves us. If we could only remember that God loves me, and I have an opportunity to love others as he loves me, not in big things, but in small things with great love, then Norway becomes a nest of love. And how beautiful it will be that from here a centre for peace has been given. That from here the joy of life of the unborn child comes out. If you become a burning light in the world of peace, then really the Nobel Peace Prize is a gift of the Norwegian people. God bless you!.”

An Abortion - The Abortion is murder !

The Abortion in the eleventh week of pregnancy.

Justice is the foundation of the Republic: Was the killing of unborn children fair ?

The photograph: The Abortion in the eighth week of pregnancy

The Abortion business:

Who earns the killing of unborn children ?

Both pictures: The Abortion in the tenth week of pregnancy

Massacre - the Holocaust - the genocide of innocents:

That photograph first left: The slaughter of innocent children in Africa

That photograph first right: The slaughter of innocent children in Europe

That photograph first left: Rwanda - Children massacred with machetes

That photograph first right: Czech Republic - Children massacred curette

That photograph first left: Rwanda - Children massacred with machetes

That photograph first right: Slovak Republic - Children massacred curette

That photograph first left: Is this bad?

That photograph first right: The Abortion at 26 weeks' gestation. - And this is good?

If the is such treatment inhuman act with a monkey, then how can it be Such treatment of the unborn child "human right" ???

"Everyone has the right to life. Human life is worthy of protection even before birth '- article no. 6, paragraph 1 of the Constitutional Law No.2 / 1993 Coll. CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL Rights and Freedoms, which is an integral part of the constitutional legislation Czech Republic !!!

"Everyone has the right to life. Human life is worthy of protection even before birth '- article no. 15, paragraph 1 of the Constitutional Act no. 460/1992 Coll., the Constitution of the Slovak Republic !!!

Politicians decide The Abortionists, The Abortionist killing unborn children !

Private tolerate violence ?

That photograph first left: Ten-year boy mistreated at home

That photograph first right: A ten-week unborn child in the womb maltreated

Do not disable private violence?

That photograph first left: Ten-year boy mistreated at home

That photograph first right: A ten-week unborn child in the womb maltreated

That photograph first left: Cambodia 1.7 million victims murdered for education

That photograph first right: Sale of 1.4 million victims murdered for lack of interest in the child's life

That photograph first left: Cambodia 1.7 million victims killed because of education

That photograph first right: Czech Republic 3.1 million victims killed due lack of interest in the child's life

That photograph first left: On the one hand, the whole world talked about anything else, when Islamic terrorists in Belgium on 22nd March 2016 killed about thirty people. Media around the world in his wrath went out of literally crazy !

The first image right: A while the other side without noticing every day in Belgium killed on average Sixty unborn children. But this is no media interested. After each day in Belgium, about double the number of murdered more unborn children more vulnerable because, figuratively speaking, "no one cares a hoot !"

You can not hide the truth !

The Abortion kills people !!

Every year, 100,000 victims of the legal Abortion - The Abortion in Canada !!!

Genocide in Russia: The Abortion killed more Russians than Adolf Hitler throughout World War II 1941 - 1945 !

Victims have no choice ...

That photograph first left: Turkish genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915 - 1923 had 1.5 million victims.

That photograph first right: Genocide unborn children worldwide each year, 53 million victims !

That photograph first left: The court in the US in 1857 freed African Americans civil rights.

That photograph first right: Today, children from birth deprived of the right of defense.

The choice of victims is changing:

That photograph first left: Religious choice

The second middle photograph: Racial choice

That photograph first right: Reproductive choice

That photograph first left: Non-Aryan

The second middle photograph: Beating

That photograph first right: Unborn

The Agent genocide:

That photograph first left: SS

The second middle photograph: KGB

That photograph first right: The Abortionist

Mold Socialist genocides:

That photograph first left: Gulag

The second middle photograph: Famine

That photograph first right: The Abortion

A genocidal socialism:

That photograph first left: Gulag

The second middle photograph: Famine

That photograph first right: The Abortion

That photograph first left: National Socialism

The second middle photograph: International Socialism

That photograph first right: Liberal Socialism

What children with in vitro ?

That photograph first left: Children in vitro frozen in barrels

The second middle photograph: Children in vitro with sick leave

That photograph first right: Children in vitro are killed after the detection of possible defects

Conclusion: Only 5% of children in-vitro has a chance at life and family

That photograph first left: The right to life - Premature baby at 24 weeks of pregnancy

That photograph first right: The right choice - The body of a child killed in 24 weeks of pregnancy

The morbidity "dial"

That photograph first left: a 24-week willed child rescued in the hospital

That photograph first right: a 24-week unwanted child died in the hospital

Madness "dial"

That photograph first left: Wanted baby rescued in the hospital
That photograph first right: Unwanted child killed in hospital

What can you do with an unwanted child ?

That photograph first left: Care of the baby

The second middle photograph: Let your child up for adoption

That photograph first right: Leave kill her unborn child abortion - an artificial abortion; or her unborn child's body without any anesthesia anesthesia pain unborn child alive and fully conscious and feeling pain from the unborn child their unborn child "bit by bit" plucked out of the womb, and then the pieces of her unborn child thrown away as waste in the trash.

They are denied the right to life was not!

Since 1957, the Slovak killed abortion - an artificial abortion in 1370 000 children !!

The photograph: The Abortion in the eleventh week of pregnancy

Even from your money, even from your taxes is funded killing:

That photograph first left: Direct military imperialist aggression of the US military and its satellites against Yugoslavia in 1991 - 1999 to complete breakage of a politically neutral country and later on power by controlling its parts associated with the genocide of Yugoslavia, particularly the Serbian population from the US and its satellites. A similar genocide civilians with US troops e of satellites guilty except Yugoslavia and also Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now in Syria and most recently in Ukraine. All these imperialist war the US military and their satellites to military occupation of these countries, overthrowing the independent governments of colonial enslavement concerned states and nations with intent Seizure of their mineral resources, and the genocide of the local civilian population was funded from your money from Your taxes was financed by the killing of people.

That photograph first right:The current European Union also your money from your taxes everywhere in the world abroad, in Europe, Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America, Australia and Oceania funded legal but also illegal. unlawful killings of European, Asian, African, American, Australian and Oceanic unborn children.

Now you can look away, but you can not say you do not know what is The Abortion !

You look away, but you can not say you do not know what is The Abortion !!

You look away, but you can not say you do not know what is The Abortion !!!

On March 5, 1940 in Katyn, the Soviet dictator Josif Vissarionovič Stalin Džugašvili ordered the slaughter of about 22,000 captured Polish officers, officials and intellectuals.

First picture: During the communist dictatorship in Poland - Polish Communists denounced the truth about Katyn !!

Second image: It may be a free country condemned the truth about The Abortion - an artificial Abortion ??

General information about induced abortion

Start-up problems

The Abortion is the term murder unborn child. Commonly it defined as "the intentional termination of pregnancy by killing yet unborn child", but this definition does not include some special cases equally monstrous abortion phenomena, such as disposal of unused zygotes and embryos in the process of artificial insemination, or by mainstreamed into the definition of pregnancy anti-nidation effects of contraception and the pill "after". In terms of medical can lead to severe physiological and psychological complications.

The Terminology

In order to better acceptance of abortion and its legalization introduced to the public abortionists different euphemistically terms that term abortion circumvented, the most famous are abortion or abortion. Moreover, using terminology that some types of abortions trying downright obscure, it is an abortion - a classic example of some "morning after" pill that abortionists try to arrange contraception. Can not forget the term that abortionist auspices of, among other things, the whole area of birth control: care called. "Reproductive health". Opponents of abortion on the other hand are used for abortions terms have accurately portray their true moral and factual essence, in other words, that this is a murder of unborn children and - in describing abortion as a complex phenomenon - that are quite clearly is a holocaust and holocaust of the unborn child , or possibly babycaust babykaust unborn children on a massive scale, carried out genocide of unborn children and keeping war of attrition against unborn children.

The Abortion and ethics

The lens is particularly contemptible abortion murder because he slaughtered the defenseless of the defenseless and the most innocent of innocents, plus a rule that commits murder or negotiates a mother who should be approaching the largest child protection.

Respect for the sanctity of human life, respectively, the right to life under any circumstances do not allow to kill the innocent.

With regard to major medical indications, before these cases it should be noted that the doctors where it is really greatly endangered the life of the mother and the fetus can quite legitimately use treatments that the unplanned secondary consequence of potentially could inadvertently lead to fetal death, but this but in no case it does not include abortion, that is. direct and intentional killing of the fetus, but it is their duty as far as possible to try to save their patients both mother and unborn child.

In the current sad situation where laws in many countries do not protect the right to life of unborn children, have many institutions - hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and other members of the medical staff face increasing pressure from clients, society and the state in order to participate in abortions. It is significant that where there are abortions special industry separate from the normal medicine is carried out generally lower-ranking doctors considered inferior scum of the medical craft.

The consequences of abortion and its legalization

The Health risks

For technical and surgical point of view, the so-called "vacuum aspiration", ie. artificial abortion early in the pregnancy uncomplicated surgery, age of the fetus, however, but also increases the risk to the health of the mother, as the risk of infertility. Especially lately, but it appeared a greater number of studies that show that women with abortion increases the risk of breast cancer as well as premature birth at any further pregnancies. Significant risks also exist in artificial abortion, which is artificially induced by poisons or abortive as blueberry extract or pill RU-486th Then there after an abortion, one or chemical or surgical, there is also a serious risk of psychiatric complications in the form of so-called. post-abortion syndrome.

It must be said that abortionists routinely abuse their powerful positions in key medical societies and journals to the targeted suppression of information about the potential health risks of abortion - and other methods of birth control - and alone their research and to spreading the proper unfounded "expert opinions" on motives reportedly said that "abortion is a very safe," and reportedly said "post-abortifacient syndrome does not exist". Uncomfortable studies usually reject the fact that allegedly said "had a bad methodology" and allegedly said "were of poor quality."

The Risks for the Society

From the surface point of view it has its principal consequences of the legalization of abortion, however partial, which leads to high demoralisation of doctors and society as a whole and the associated growing disrespect for human life and opens the way to further questioning and restrictions on the right to life and dignity of human life , both in the form of expansion lawfully available abortions, as well as other attacks on life, for example in the form of euthanasia and eugenics. It should also be borne in mind that the legalization of abortion open the way for women to be forced to artificial abortion - family, partner, society ...

Especially in Asian countries caused by a combination of available prenatal diagnosis and abortion threatening disparity between the sexes, as in a number of indigenous companies are valued more sons than daughters, which combined with an effort to limit the birth rate leads to targeted abortion little girls. Particularly noticeable is the problem in China, India, Vietnam and Taiwan. According to UN estimates, absent due to artificial abortion based on the sex of the fetus in the world more than 200 million women.

The War for abortion

"Politicians who support legal access to artificial abortion, are absolutely unfit to holding public office and are responsible for abortions as well as those who undergo them." - bishop Robert Vasa

Currently, the constantly shrinking number of countries that protect human life as it deserves. Abortionist ruled many countries and dominate the international policy and aggressively seeks both to impose on the world the so-called "right to abortion" as alleged "basic human right" both printed on countries that have not yet conceived life completely or at least to a large extent protect the They retreated from these positions.

States that have fulfilled their duty and under the full protection of human life ban abortion completely, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Malta, Nicaragua, El Salvador and of course the Vatican. Some states, however, bans abortions circumvent the help definitional tricks:

Chile, for example, distributes abortion pill "after", which is classified as alleged contraception.

Counterpart and the very top of barbarism against the already mentioned states represent countries such as Canada, which does not place artificial abortion, no restrictions, permits them for the duration of pregnancy and also absolutely peaceful protests in front of abortion clinics qualifies as alleged "crime", or China that even within one-child policy and počínšťovania the ethnic minorities performed forced abortions, even in the late stages of pregnancy.

The Main abortion forces

The abortion forces themselves call themselves a cynical term pro-choice - the so-called "movement for choice", respectively, for freedom of choice, is to bring together many organizations. Virtually all arguments "bad illegal abortion" and the alleged right of women to safe abortion in special cases: Conception in incest or rape, medical complications the mother or fetus, many then also unlimited alleged right woman so-called "rule on his body" from which derive an alleged right to abortion.

There are, however, but also groups that promote and forced abortion, forced abortions respectively as an alleged public interest law: for purposes of eugenics, birth control and population development. Abortion, and other means of birth control, are a key part of the huge business that rotates around human sexuality. The abortion industry produces abortionist, along with other areas of the sex industry considerable profits and allows them to fundamentally affect the society.

As part of its promotion of abortion abortionist create a variety of absurd theories referring to the alleged human rights. It must be said that the leaders and thinkers abortionist always directly deny the humanity of the fetus or zygote. Often talk about the alleged "cluster of cells" in style "man that's up to ..." in fact it is only a simplified rhetoric for the masses uneducated primitive supporters of the legalization of abortion. The essence of the arguments pro-choice ideologues is usually a combination of so-called women's or so-called "reproductive rights" or so-called "right to reproductive health" that regardless of your drapes name quite always includes the so-called "right to abortion" and denial fully all human the rights of the unborn child, to argue that after the line that the human rights as purposefully redefining personality rights, ie. belonging to an individual in need thereof has not created a personality.

Key role in promoting abortion in the world play an International Planned Parenthood Federation, represented by the so-called society for family planning and sex education and other primary the abortion organizations, some offices and institutions of the United Nations and newly since 2007 even Amnesty International, which is now pro-abortion lobbying organization, which was transformed into its present form of organization, which in the past has been an organization for the protection of human rights. Another significant role is played by rich countries that control whether long-term or temporarily the abortion extremists: such as the USA during the government of President Barack Obama, who in 2010 helped push through pro-the abortion version of the Constitution of Kenya and Sweden, which refused to economically support Nicaragua until authorize the so-called "therapeutic abortion", and the Swedish parliament in 2011 ordered his representative to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to fight against conscientious objection. The pro-abortion pressure in recent years is growing.

The Crime associated with the abortion

The illegal abortions

In terms of the right to life is abortion always despicable crime. The world, however, there are different legal systems, the right to life and the different curtail abortion under certain conditions as a crime not classified. Even within these systems it is possible to talk about crime "illegal abortion" - the system is set up by the word "illegal" was superfluous, because in a civilized country should any eventual abortion should be considered illegal.

Implementation and undergo illegal abortions crime is widespread, even in countries that are artificial abortion entirely benevolent. For example, the US has Abortion Clinic Planned Parenthood proven experience implementing illegal abortions without the knowledge and permission of parents with underage girls, often in addition, in connection with coverage of sexual abuse. In 2015, another series of investigative hidden camera recordings showed that the organization of the illegal trade in organs and fetuses least suspicion about illegal abortions implementation and therefore the killing of unborn children in order to receive their organs. In countries such as Poland, where abortions are strictly limited to "exceptional circumstances" medical indication for abortion, rape etc. the illegal abortions coincide as legal assistance for buying and falsification of medical visas obtaining false or fabricated rape.

The Gross human rights violations

A rocky core of the abortion industry is not "only" legalize abortions, which is already in itself grossly violates the right to life, but right in the recognition of abortion as an alleged "human rights" and the criminalization of all people who are against abortion in any way artificial object. This, of course, that in addition to violations of the fundamental human right to life of unborn children with leads additionally also even with others to gross violations of other fundamental universal human rights such as human rights to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, religious freedom ...

The abortion political lobby routinely denies and suppresses the right to conscientious objection and freedom of expression in order to prohibit any protest against their artificial abortion in the first stage require at least a brutally repressive ban on protests, agitation and especially persuading women to abortion before the abortion clinic, an example of this brutal policy persecution against opponents and critics of abortions in many of today's supposedly supposedly "liberal" and "democratic" countries called. Western countries such as the purely political reasons, repeatedly and for many years in Canadian prisons detained defendant and critical abortions such as the two major Canadian political inmates, Canadian women prisoners of conscience Mrs Linda Gibbons and Ms. Mary Wagner.

Further, the extremely rich and economically and politically very powerful the abortion lobby in addition to that the ban on any protests against their murderous genocide of unborn children and prohibitions themselves pro-life organizations, or at least at least ban them access to hospitals and schools and putting them on the official lists that provide services to pregnant women, because they fear that their pro-lifer might spoil their bloody rackets that they would some women may succeed to speak from their consent to killing her unborn child subsided.

Economically and politically very influential lobby the abortion veľkopriemyslu also grossly violates parental rights to raise children, and that in two principal ways: first, by striving to legalize abortions with underage girls without the knowledge and consent of parents, both aggressively imposing its pro-abortion so-called sex education leading to sexual misbehavior with the prospects of achieving more unwanted pregnancies, which would then translate into more abortions and therefore to further their financial gains.

The last item especially sad, because it goes against even formally outside the declared objective of most abortionist is a direct forcing themselves abortions and support for forced abortions, which is a series of committing the abortion organizations. example there may be support for China's one-child policy, within which to carry out forced abortions and forcing abortions in individual cases are concerned pregnant woman with artificial abortion arguments.

The Pro-abortion violence and terrorism

Extreme form for the abortion-restriction of human rights is a pro-abortion violence and pro-abortion terrorism, which the pro-abortion organizations as well as individuals abortionists commit. Pro-abortion organizations and countries are not routinely performed in international politics through extortion and undue pressure on the states which the life of unborn children still protect the adequate width, as for example in the less developed economic aid conditional upon the adoption of pro-abortion legislative changes. And as mentioned above, there is also violent artificial abortion.

Based individuals that truth generally not be considered as representatives of official flows the abortion movement, just as it is impossible to consider the so-called anti-abortion terrorists as representatives of official mainstream pro-life movement, there is usually violent and terrorist practices that range from attacks on pro-life centers to help pregnant women and offices pro-life organizations through threats of violence or death, these activities are sometimes unbelievable mass form - such ferocious whirlwind attacks and threats rape and death by your open letter to the Dutch Parliament earned Catholic journalist Mariska Orbán de Haas to open violence and murder. An example could be attacks on pro-life marches for life and other pro-life events, murders of women who refused to go to abortion, and threats and violence against pro-life activists, such as death threats pro-life activists by the abortionist and employees of abortion clinics and murder of Jim Pouillon.

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